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About Unraveled and Truth

"Jennifer Sturman’s YA debut is a delight! You’ll love Delia, and watching her come unraveled is pure fun."

- Meg Cabot, bestselling author of The Princess Diaries and Airhead series

"Sturman packs a lot of story in…leaving readers craving more, more, more! The mystery is compelling and smart, and the novel never veers into the familiar. The fun of it is guessing who’s involved and who’s merely along for the exhilarating ride."

- Romantic Times

"The mystery, the Gossip Girl setting, a gentle romance, and likable Delia will grab readers, as will deeper questions about trusting facts and intuition."

- Booklist

"Mystery novelist Sturman's YA debut treats readers to intrigue and taut dialogue."

- Publishers Weekly

"A great mix of mystery, romance, and finding your inner strength in the face of adversity. The characters are intriguing, and the book keeps you on edge right until the very end!"
    - TeensReadToo

"It’s a mystery-suspense story wrapped around a typical girl-coming-of-age tale, and as a result it is so much more…Jennifer Sturman has the crazy-awesome ability to make even the most minor of characters have personality... And Then Everything Unraveled is a stellar start to what promises to be an exciting, heartwarming, AND nail-biting series. Can it really get better than that?"
    - Steph Su Reads

"I felt like this book just got me. It was a mix of my favorite things, a little sleuthing (I love Veronica Mars), a pair of crazy aunts (I love Pushing Daisies), one who has fabulous taste in 80s movies, a cute boy, New York City and ice cream…I just loved this book…I need that sequel NOW!"
    - pop culture junkie

"I loved this…There are so few of these kind of books anymore. The high school stuff…is so well-done, so truthfully written. And then you’ve got the mystery on top of that, which is compelling and confusing and twisted and hard to predict. You’ve got interesting, funny characters, none of whom is one-sided (not even Aunt Patience). While everything around Delia is unraveling, you will be flipping pages as fast as you can, waiting for her to ravel it right back up again."
    - Kidliterate


About Jennifer's other books

"Sturman's debut is a rare delight, and her sharp, sassy writing is wonderfully addictive."

- Booklist on The Pact

"Jennifer Sturman has bridged the gap between Agatha Christie and Bridget Jones."

- Akron Beacon Journal

"Why is this debut so thoroughly enjoyable? Perhaps it's because Rachel is such a winning detective: she sifts through clues at the reader's pace and does so with wit and pluck. The novel's mise-en-scene - successful, attractive Ivy League graduates at a lakeside mansion - makes for escapist pleasure, and well-placed cliffhangers, a careful distribution of motives and unexpected twists promise readers light, satisfying suspense."

-Publishers Weekly on The Pact

"This mystery is a fresh and terrific new addition to the chick lit genre…Sturman delivers great characters, a dash of humor and a mystery that keeps you interested—and guessing."

- Romantic Times on The Pact (RT Award Nominee for "Best Chick Lit Novel" 2004)