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The Pact

"Sturman’s debut is a rare delight, and her sharp, sassy writing is wonderfully addictive."

- Booklist

The Pact

A mystery for anyone who has ever hated a friend’s boyfriend...

Rachel Benjamin and her friends aren’t looking forward to Emma’s wedding. The groom is a rat, and nobody can understand what Emma sees in him. So when he turns up dead on the morning of the ceremony, no one in the wedding party is all that upset. Not even Emma.

Rachel, who had the good fortune to find Richard floating facedown in the pool, is feeling as if she’s woken up in an Agatha Christie novel. It doesn’t help that everyone around her seems to have a motive for murder. So, while the cops detain Emma’s family and friends at her isolated Adirondacks compound for the weekend, Rachel, an investment banker by trade, makes like Miss Marple (minus the gray hair and sensible shoes) and does some digging of her own. Her investigation gets especially tricky when Peter Forrest, the too-good-to-be-true best man, turns out to be both her number-one love interest and her number-one suspect. And Rachel can’t help remembering the solemn pact she and her friends made back in college—a promise to rescue each other from bad relationships, using any means required. Has someone taken the pact too far?

The Pact

"Rachel returns for another smart and saucy adventure in sleuthing and romance in Sturman’s second fresh, funny, and fabulously amusing chick-lit mystery."

- Booklist

The Jinx

When everything's going right, it's a sure sign that things are about to go very, very wrong

Rachel Benjamin's life might look glamorous but she has worked into the early morning on more nights, canceled more weekend plans and slept in more Holiday Inns in small industrial towns than she cares to count. (Standard practice in the business of mergers and acquisitions.) And that picture of her on the recent cover of Fortune? It inspired a reprise of her grandmother's favorite lecture, the one titled "You don't want to be one of those career gals, do you?" (Other popular hits include "Have you met anyone nice?" and "I just want to go to a wedding before I die.")

But this week Rachel's job is taking her to Boston, where in between work obligations she plans to squeeze in quality time with her promising new boyfriend. They've just hit the six-month mark and things are going so well, Rachel's not even worried anymore that she'll jinx it.

There are just a few little problems: Her friend's been attacked and a serial killer is on the loose – and the two might actually be related. Oh, and her promising new boyfriend? He seems to be squeezing in quality time with his new gazelle-like, model-material colleague...Now Rachel's making like Miss Marple again, trying to track down her friend's assailant – not to mention get a clue about her relationship. When she stopped worrying about jinxing things, did she jinx everything?

The Pact

"A delectable blend of snappy writing, chick-lit liveliness, and clever plotting."

- Booklist

The Key

Ever wished your boss would drop dead?

Of course not. Well, not really. And neither had Rachel Benjamin – until she finds herself working for Wall Street terror Glenn Gallagher on his latest pet project. Rachel thinks the deal – and Gallagher – are more than a little shady, but she has a promotion at stake. It's either keep her lips sealed or kiss her partnership goodbye. Or kill Gallagher. (Just kidding!)

At least she has Peter. Rachel's too-good-to-be-true fiancé has moved in, and while his stuff is everywhere and he's strangely jealous of her friendly new coworker, she's confident they'll figure things out in time. It would help if Gallagher's killer schedule didn't have Rachel working around the clock. Really, the man must be stopped.

But Rachel's jokes about killing her boss don't seem so funny when Glenn is murdered. And it's even less funny when she becomes the prime suspect. With the police hot on her very stylish heels, and the threat of an unflattering orange jumpsuit in her future, Rachel's learning the hard way to be careful what you wish for. She needs to catch the true killer – and fast – before the killer catches her.

The Pact

"Chick-lit mystery fiction doesn’t get much better than this."

- Romantic Times

The Hunt

Meeting the in-laws was the least of her problems...

There’s nothing like being the guest of honor at an engagement party to remind a person she has commitment issues, but Rachel Benjamin has finally put her neuroses behind her.  A weekend with her fiancé, Peter, and his parents will put her skills to the test, but she’s confident they’ll never guess how new she is to normal relationships.

Then Rachel receives a cryptic message: her friend Hilary is missing.  Hilary was last seen in the company of Igor “Iggie” Behrenz, a budding Internet tycoon with strange fashion sense and even stranger secrets – secrets Hilary had been threatening to expose.  Someone is orchestrating an elaborate scavenger hunt across San Francisco, dangling Hilary as the prize.

Now Rachel has to track down her friend, which would be enough of a challenge if she weren’t already busy proving how normal she is to her future in-laws.  And when Rachel stumbles upon secrets all Peter’s own, she wonders if maybe she’d declared victory over her neuroses too soon.